Do You Need to Register Your Kayak in Pennsylvania?

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Visit any Pennsylvania kayak forum online, and you’re likely to find many questions about whether or not you need to register your kayak in Pennsylvania. Like most things, the answer is, “It depends!” If you’re wondering what it depends on, keep reading!

In Pennsylvania, whether or not you need to register your kayak depends on two simple questions: if your kayak is powered and where you’re paddling. All powered kayaks are required to be registered, which is similar (but different!) to a launch permit. We’ll discuss the difference down below.

Non-powered kayaks require a launch permit OR a registration if you’re using your kayak on Pennsylvania State property, or are launching from a PA Fish & Boat launch ramp.

If you’re on one of Pennsylvania’s many rivers, it can be difficult to know if the ramp you’re using is under the jurisdiction of the PA Fish & Boat Commission. It’s not at all uncommon for a ramp that requires a launch permit to be located within a mile of one that doesn’t. So if you want to be certain not to get a fine, either check out the access points ahead of time, or get a launch permit. Here’s where you can find all of them!

Your next decision will be to decide whether or not you want to register your kayak (as you would a non-powered boat) or get a launch permit. In Pennsylvania, the price difference for two years for either a non-powered boat registration or a launch permit is only a few dollars. That said, there’s one key difference between a launch permit and a boat registration.

If you elect to get an official registration, your kayak’s make, model and color will be stored in the State’s database. This means that if your kayak is either lost or stolen, a registration could come in handy. If your kayak is lost or stolen with only a launch permit, there’s little the PA Fish & Boat folks can do to help you.

If you’d like to register your kayak in Pennsylvania, you can do so here. Launch permit information can be found here. Happy paddling!