Liquid Logic Kayaks and playboats started in the year 2000 with one simple goal- to make great kayaks. It is, and has always been, that plain and that simple. At Liquid Logic Kayaks, they make boats that they want to paddle and that paddlers want to paddle.

All Liquid Logic kayaks and playboats are made in Western North Carolina, USA with hand-sewn seating. 

How does a company make durable kayaks designed to bounce off the strongest rocks in the rapids? Many say the secret to Liquid Logic’s success is their Rotational Molding Laboratory, or RotoLab.

Here are the Top 5 Questions & Answers About Liquid Logic Kayaks:

RotoLab is Liquid Logic’s “top secret”, state-of-the-art testing laboratory. There, they test all products and materials under the sun (no pun intended!), and under fluorescent lights. RotoLab analyzes incoming raw materials and components, develops and monitors processing parameters, scientifically evaluates finished kayaks, and tests kayaks in some creative ways. Liquid Logic selects the highest quality plastic and components available and processes them to a standard above any other company. They pride ourselves on being leaders of innovation, development, certification and quality maintenance.

1.QUESTION: How long has Liquid Logic been making kayaks?

ANSWER: Liquid Logic Kayaks have been made since 2000.

2. QUESTION: Who buys a Liquid Logic Kayak?

ANSWER: Liquid Logic has an extensive line of kayaks available, but where this brand really shines is in whitewater conditions. These boats are built to take a beating while offering you the most fun on the water.

Early on, Liquid Logic Kayaks worked to produce their own plastic; one that’s stronger than the competition. Even today, they continue to use aircraft grade aluminum security bars, attachment inserts that double the strength over many other kayak manufacturers pull strengths, evaluate every kayak that comes off the line for cure and thickness standards that set them apart from the rest of the industry.

3. QUESTION: Where is Liquid Logic Kayaks located?

ANSWER: Liquid Logic Kayaks is located in Fletcher, North Carolina, in the heart of the Asheville region.

4. QUESTION: What are Liquid Logic Kayaks made of?

ANSWER: You won’t find fiberglass on these boats! Nope. Liquid Logic Kayaks are made from their own plastic blend. After seeing the durability of the product, some competitors tried to copy them, only to stop due to price concerns. The gang at Liquid Logic know you’re not thinking about price when you’re banging through rapids, today, so the high-end plastic stayed.

5. QUESTION: Where can I get a Liquid Logic Kayak?

ANSWER: Thank for asking! At Performance Kayak, we’d love to show you the complete line of Liquid Logic Kayaks and playboats.