Need a tough, durable kayak that doesn’t weigh a ton? Look no further than Hurricane Kayaks! Hurricane Kayaks from Performance Kayak provide the user with industry leading lightweight materials for unmatched quality and performance within the water. With a plethora of models to choose from, Hurricane has you covered.

The leaders in lightweight currently have 19 different models to choose from in a wide variety of kayak types; ranging from Recreational, Sport, Sit-on-Tops, Fishing, and Day Touring to cover any possible need. Let’s take a dive into the Hurricane Kayak family:

Hurricane Kayak Recreational: The Santee Series
Looking for a fun, reliable, and simple kayak to use? The Hurricane’s Santee Series kayaks have you covered! The Santee line of models allows the user to spread out and take in the natural beauty of your adventure. This family of Kayak features the best of both worlds in terms of size; providing plenty of room on the inside while not taking up much space in your garage or storage area. There’s plenty of room in the model to allow you to bring your child (or even your pet dog!) to accompany you on any trip.

Hurricane Kayak Sit-on-Tops: The Skimmer Series
The Hurricane’s Skimmer and Sweetwater series provides the user with endless possibilities in customizing their kayak to be their own. These kayaks can easily be used in a wide range of environments; ranging from a lake to the ocean. The Sit-on-Top models are the way to go if the user wants ample space and doesn’t mind getting cooled off by the surrounding water while working on your tan.

Hurricane Kayak Day Touring: The Sojourn Series
Hurricane’s Sojourn series is for all of the speed demons out there. The Sojourn kayaks are slimmer than your average kayak which allow for fast and swift movements to cut through the water. This is a great option if you are planning long distance trips in the water. The Sojourn is loaded with features that make the Sojourn a water worthy package that’s hard to turn down.

Hurricane Fishing Kayaks: The Sweetwater and Skimmer Series
Remember the Sweetwater and Skimmer series we talked about? Hurricane provides a fishing equipped version of both models. These kayaks feature added stability to help you balance while you’re reeling in your big catch while sitting or standing. Fishing variants offer added storage for all of your fishing needs. Each model features two pole stands so you can take in the natural beauty around you while waiting for your next catch. Looking for more fishing kayaks? Be sure to check out our Native Watercraft line or our NuCanoe Kayaks for Fishing and Hunting. 

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