In addition to their phenomenal kayak line, Performance Kayaks is proud to offer Stellar Surfskis. With ten models built for maximum speed and stability, the Stellar Surfski line has models for everyone from beginners to performance minded paddlers.

Like the Stellar Kayak line, the Stellar Surfski lineup is built using top rated materials, like Dupont Kevlar, Toray Carbon, Lantor Core and 3M. These materials cost more, but provide you with a superior surfski in mechanical strength, aesthetic finish, optimal weight and consistent performance. Stellar processes these materials with epoxy resin, heat curing, vacuum and infusion to create some of the best overall surfskis on the market.

Speaking of process, Stellar is an ISO 9001 Certified Company, ensuring quality assurance in place in every step of the manufacturing process, from material purchasing through the final stages of production. This level of scrutiny keeps the production quality and consistency at thd high level that you demand and expect.

How deep is the Stellar Surfski lineup?

If you’re looking for options in length, the S14S is the shortest option in the fleet. Though technically a sit-on-kayak, the lines are such that many refer to this as Stellar’s entry-level surfski, offering maximum flexibility at minimum length. From there, the surfskis get longer, narrower and faster, for one or two paddlers.

Those looking to find the perfect middle option often select the S18S. At eighteen feet long, this gorgeous surfski is known for both speed and stability, making it an ideal choice for long-distance racers. In fact, the Stellar S18S has been paddled to more finishes in the famous MR340 race than any other surfski!

These Stellar Surfskis have been delivering innovative products across North America since 2009, and Performance Kayak has been happy to offer them since 2013. Nobody stocks more Stellar Surfskis than we do!