Our Mission

Performance Kayak is dedicated to the sport and spirit of paddling. We offer coaching to anyone interested in learning about Adventure Racing or Flat Water Kayak Racing. It’s not about winning, It’s about having fun.

Who We Are

Man kayaks a Stellar Kayak in river

Hansel 2 is the owner of Performance Kayak and has been a kayaker for many years. In 2005 Hansel won Rookie of the year at the Pittsburgh Adventure Race. He has also placed in the top ten of several regional multi sport Adventure races with several wins. Hansel has learned what are the best kayaks on the market. He is always willing to share his secrets if someone would ask. He is always willing for the love of the sport. Hansel enjoys competing in multi sport events. In the military he enjoyed cross country running. In 1989 Hansel began learning about cross country bicycling. He participated in many Multiple Sclerosis 150 mile cycling fundraising events. In 1995 he began learning about bicycle road racing. In 1998 Hansel began a Juniors Road Bicycle Racing team sponsored by TREK Bicycles. He served as the junior manager from 1998 to 2001. His team participated in Junior National Championships and many regionally sanctioned events. Hansel began bicycle road racing as an amateur in 2000. He has raced his way up in the ranks and has won several races and placed in the top ten in many.

Hansel 3 is the son of Hansel 2 and is a two time Kayak Champion. Hansel 3 won the 2015 USCA Marathon K1 Unlimited Class paddling a Stellar SEI Multisport. 2015 & 2016 USCA Sea Kayak Unlimited Class paddling a Stellar S18S Advantage.

Man with Stellar Kayaks on truck

We Are Stellar Kayak Specialists

Stellar Kayaks & Surf Skis is a global company, with a design team from North America and input from paddlers World Wide. Stellar Kayaks produces a complete line of Kayaks, Surf Skis and Paddles in varying materials suited to your paddling ability or your budget. Their advanced composite construction offers the market some of the lightest and stiffest boats available today.

We have the largest selection of Stellar Kayaks & Surfskis and have demo boats available of the lines we carry. Call us today to set up an appointment for a test run. Phone 724-987-3597

Our Staff

Hansel Lucas II


Hansel 2 is the Owner of Performance Kayak Inc. and head of the sales team at the West Newton shop. Hansel is also Dealer Rep. for Stellar Kayaks & Surf Ski.  

Hansel Lucas III

Manager/Head of Sales, Brookville

Hansel (Uncle Buck) Lucas 3 is the manager and head of sales of the Brookville shop. Hansel is the 2015 USCA National Champion in the K1 Unlimited open class and the 2015 National Champion Sea Kayak open class.

Kim Lucas

Sales Product Specialist

Kim is our sales product specialist. She is the 2015 Womens USCA National K2 Tandem Champion. Kim also won for first women at the 2013 North Shore Cup Kayak Race on a Stellar S18S Ultra.



Ryan is a salesperson at both locations and has a wide range of knowledge. Ryan is our kayak touring & whitewater kayak specialist with extensive backpacking knowledge. Ryan is a certified instructor in rock climbing.