You likely wouldn’t buy a car from a dealer with only one model on the lot. Why buy a kayak, surfski or paddleboard that way? At Performance Kayak, we want our customers to enjoy a multitude of choices. That’s why our line-up includes nine kayak, surfski & SUP brands.

Each brands fills a unique place in the Performance Kayak portfolio.

For those seeking traditional touring kayaks, Performance Kayak offers three brands:

For fishermen, Performance Kayak also offers three top brands:

Performance Kayak offers two of the top Stand-Up Paddleboard brands on the market:

And finally, when you’re looking for whitewater action, we welcome you to check out our Liquid Logic Kayaks and Playboats. This extensive line also includes recreational boats and even a sit-on-top model and a SUP.

Regardless of your needs, Performance Kayak has the right boat for you. Call today at 814-221-1884 to learn more about our kayak, surfski and SUP brands.