P&H Custom Sea Kayaks manufacture kayaks that are as beautiful, unique, and everlasting as the natural wonders you’ll explore with them. Every kayak they build integrates over 50 years of experience, unstoppable innovation, and an unfaltering dedication to excellence behind it.

Founded in 1968, P&H Custom Sea Kayaks quickly established a range of successful canoes and kayaks spanning various disciplines, with standout models such as the Phazer slalom kayak, and the MKII Surfer still being fondly remembered today.

Producing the Orinoco under licence from Pyranha in 1975 began an enduring relationship between the companies, and P&H produced several more of Pyranha’s models in the following years.

In 1979, P&H produced their first sea kayaks, the ‘Umnak’ and ‘Icefloe’, designed by Derek C. Hutchinson.

In the mid-90s the Capella set the benchmark for polyethylene sea kayaks, followed by the composite Capella in 1997. In 2003, Pyranha bought P&H, and continue the P&H Custom Sea Kayak heritage to this day through world-renowned models such as the Cetus and Aries.

The P&H Custom Sea Kayak family utilizes four different types of composites:

The Best P&H All Around Composition: Performance Kevlar / Diolen

  • Excellent blend of diolen and kevlar’s best qualities.
  • Approximate weight saving of 1kg over our previous equivalent layup, Performance Diolen.
  • Great stiffness, durability and impact resistance.
  • Pleasing golden shimmer inside of kayak.

The Best P&H Composition for Affordability and Durability: Expedition Diolen

  • Exceptionally resilient construction offering incredible stiffness and durability.
  • Popular with instructors and expedition paddlers across the globe.
  • Approximately 2kg heavier than Performance Kevlar / Diolen.
  • Extra wide coremat reinforcements in critical deck areas.

The Best P&H Composition for Lightweight Paddling: Lightweight Kevlar/Carbon Infusion

  • P&H’s stiffest composite construction ever.
  • Lightweight and exceptionally durable.
  • Advanced layup process ensures precise amount of resin is infused into kevlar/carbon weave.
  • No air pockets or inconsistencies to deter from hull structure.
  • Approximately 3.5kg lighter than Performance Kevlar / Diolen.

The Best P&H Composition for Strength & Weight: Expedition Kevlar/Carbon Infusion

  • Tough and extremely durable.
  • Approximately 3kg lighter than Expedition Diolen.
  • Built with the most challenging expeditions in mind.

P&H Custom Sea Kayaks utilize these four composition across a wide product catalog, spanning more than a dozen different models, all available from Performance Kayak. And be sure to check out our Stellar Kayaks and Surfskis, too!