Based on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia, the ECS Stand-Up Paddleboards are now a global brand, enjoyed worldwide!

Their passion and attention to detail helped ECS Stand-Up Paddleboards grow from their humble beginnings shaping just a few boards, into an international manufacturer of some of the best stand-up paddleboards available today.

From high performance short boards, summer boards, classic logs and comp mals to ever popular Stand up paddle boards, ECS strives for perfection across their entire product catalog.

Simply put, you won’t find a more extensive stand-up paddleboard lineup. ECS Stand-Up Paddlesboards offer nearly two dozen different models, with several more in their pipeline. Here are just a few of our favorites at Performance Kayak:

Favorite All Around ECS Stand-Up Paddleboard: the Wideboy
Those wanting a shorter board to surf yet requiring extra volume and stability ultimately choose the ECS Wide Boy. The board’s wider nose and center point allow early entry into the wave. The pulled swallowtail allows the board to turn with ease.

The volume and stability is further enhanced with a wide flat deck yet features medium performance rails and single into double concave bottom maintaining speed through turns. A fast, super fun board that performs with the best models available.

Favorite ECS Stand-Up Paddleboard for Racing: the Wanderer
Endless glide, effortless paddling, stability, and adventure all rolled into one board.  The ECS Wanderer excels in all water conditions, from a long paddle on the lake or some distance ocean paddling. 

The ECS Wanderer utilizes the same shape template as the Stealth, the previous world ranked race board. ECS then increased the nose and tail width for stability in recreational paddling.

The ECS Wanderer features a wave piercing nose for cutting through chop and slicing water for smooth glide.

Favorite ECS Stand-Up Paddleboard for the Surf: the McKee Turbo
Innovation that combines performance, early wave entry and stability for every sup surfer.  

The ECS McKee Turbo is designed to be stable while entering waves with ease. The Turbo is based on McKee’s early 90s “turbo” comp surfboards which combined speed, projection off the bottom, a controlled release and a feeling that the board indeed had a boosting ‘Turbo’ element.

Rounded square shaped nose with forward concave through the mid section provide stability and early entry with catch free lift.

Favorite ECS Stand-Up Paddleboard for Touring: the Barra
The ECS Barra is a Sports Tourer and Fish-On SUP. The recreational shape template and forgiving tale provide maximum stability while the displacement hull provides maximum glide.

Attachment points strategically located on the board for attaching rod holders, coolers and more ensure the Barra can carry everything you need for a great day on the water.

ECS Stand-Up Paddleboards provide Performance Kayakers with the ultimate SUP experience available.

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